At Papagoya, we embrace the larger Scandinavian philosophy and outlook to life that is rooted in sustainability, empathy and community. And so we regularly organise for activities/workshops at Papagoya over the weekends, that are open to all children across age groups, and sometimes even their parents.

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If you would like to host a workshop or activity at Papagoya, mail us at

Under The Mango Tree

Under the Mango Tree is an event for Mothers, hosted at Papagoya.

Through Papagoya, we have had the opportunity to meet some amazing mothers, of all ages. And every one of their stories fascinate and inspire us. We also found that between the craziness of work, life and being a mother; there was little or no opportunity for these amazing women to unwind, connect or even re-connect with the things they love.

Under the Mango Tree is our way of bringing women together, particularly mothers. We will host an evening of celebration, with an element of surprise and a dash of culture. Once a month, we invite mothers to have a night off, and breathe, enjoy a glass of wine (or juice), meet new and interesting people, and be inspired.

So if you are a mother and want to join us Under the Mango Tree, sign up below.

Papagoya Summers

Summer at Papagoya promises to be a whole lot of fun. We've got the following programmes for summer
Music and Movement Programme for Toddlers (1.5 to 3 years old)
Summer Carnival Themed Camp for older children (3 to 6 years old)

Each programme/camp is limited to 15 children only, Contact us to confirm your spot.

If you would like to host a summer workshop/event at Papagoya, mail us at

Papagoya Toddlers

Papagoya’s Toddler Programme is for children between the age group of 10 months to 2 years. Our programme runs for 1.5 hours and our mornings are a mix of free play, music, stories and sensorial activities for toddlers.

Papagoya Toddlers is limited to a maximum of 15 children. All toddlers need to be accompanied by an adult. Contact us if you want to join our Toddler Program. Contact us if you want to join our Toddler Program.