Careers with us

We see Papagoya as a safe and stimulating space for children. But when looking at it more holistically, we also see it as being a vibrant, fun and inspiring space for adults who enjoy working with children.

With a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children, we are always on the look-out for bright, passionate individuals who want to work with us. We hire for attitude and a desire to inspire the youngest children. We remain open to people from all backgrounds and experiences. At Papagoya, we are a team of independent, confident, empathetic, secure and gentle people – adults and children alike.

What it means to be an educator at Papagoya:
  • You show up every day to a truly fun working environment and can spend your day inside a treehouse or dressing up as Spider-man or working on Learning Plans for 1-yr olds. There is truly never a dull day at Papagoya.
  • You interact all day with children who want to play with you, and see the world with you. They are bright-eyed and eager, and you get to rejoice in their everyday developments.
  • You are recognized and appreciated for your expertise, and you get to contribute to delivering a unique concept and methodology in India.
  • You are a part of an inclusive work environment with a passionate, driven team and are respected for your individuality and self-expression.
  • You are exposed to professional development opportunities through our Norwegian experts, and are encouraged to be excellent Early Childhood Educators.
  • You get to be an integral part of the growing Early Childhood Movement in India

If you have the desire to impact and change the early childhood education space, are open to embracing an alternative approach to learning and are excited about spending your days with bright-eyed toddlers – fill out our Application Form and tell us your story.

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