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We see Papagoya as a safe and stimulating space for children. But when looking at it more holistically, we also see it as being a vibrant, fun and inspiring space for adults who enjoy working with children.

With a high adult to child ratio, we are always on the look-out for bright, passionate individuals who want to work with us. We hire for attitude and a desire to inspire the youngest children. We remain open to people from all backgrounds and experiences. At Papagoya, we are a team of independent, confident, empathetic, secure and gentle people – adults and children alike.

What it means to be an educator at Papagoya:
  • You show up every day to a truly fun working environment and can spend your day inside a treehouse or dressing up as Spider-man or working on Learning Plans for 1-yr olds. There is truly never a dull day at Papagoya.
  • You interact all day with children who want to play with you, and see the world with you. They are bright-eyed and eager, and you get to rejoice in their everyday developments.
  • You are recognized and appreciated for your expertise, and you get to contribute to delivering a unique concept and methodology in India.
  • You are a part of an inclusive work environment with a passionate, driven team and are respected for your individuality and self-expression.
  • You are exposed to professional development opportunities through our Norwegian experts, and are encouraged to be excellent Early Childhood Educators.
  • You get to be an integral part of the growing Early Childhood Movement in India


We will start by stating that being an Educator at Papagoya is not for everybody. We have a team of only 13 Educators, who are strongly aligned with our philosophy and approach. And in order to work with us, this is essential.

At Papagoya, the relationship between Educators and children is one of camaraderie, care, comfort and play. We work as a team, always. We are as excited about changing the early childhood landscape in India, as we are about playing with children everyday. We are gentle and empathetic with the children, always - respecting their choices, opinions and wants. We find fun and interesting ways for children to learn and gain knowledge. We encourage and work with the children to test their own limits make the time and effort to allow of them to be independent at every stage of their development. We are truly involved with the children, in every way.
We work Monday to Friday from 8:15am to 5:15pm. We also work one Saturday a month when we plan curriculum, bond as a team and are trained on topics essential to our work.
We follow the Norwegian guidelines on how many Educators should care for, comfort, play and engage the children. And so Papagoya has one of the highest teacher to student ratios in the country starting at 1:3. This means that for the Age Group of 1-2 year olds there is 1 Educator assigned to 3 children, 2-3 year olds there 1 Educator to 4 children, 3-4 year olds have 1 Educator for every 6 children and the children above 5 have 1 Educator for 10 children.

This means that as an Educator as Papagoya, you have the time for extended interactions with the children and to really get to know, understand and customise a child’s learning. You get to observe them at close proximity and know their personalities - likes, dislikes, responses and how they learn. You form a bond that is close and special. You have the time for cuddles and to spontaneously initiate play.
Being an Educator at Papagoya can be fun, and yet challenging. And here is a short and honest list of what it is like to work with at Papagoya:

  • We do things very differently, and in order to learn how to deliver the Papagoya approach, you have to unlearn many things. Unlearning can be uncomfortable.
  • You have to always remain open to change - afterall, we work with an audience who are ever-changing themselves. Adapting to change is not easy.
  • Working with little children means exposure to illnesses of all kinds and so often in the first 6 months, Educators fall ill, a lot. This is the right of passage to the job and with every illness, you will also build the immunity you need for life.
  • Delivering the Papagoya curriculum means very active days of a highly physical nature - we run, jump, climb, carry, squat, lie down and are in multiple exercise positions through the day. This can be physically exhausting, but is bound to ensure a good night’s sleep.

All this said, being an Educator at a Kindergarten like Papagoya is definitely one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs that you will ever have. You get to be a part of a team of amazing Educators who are truly passionate about changing the way that Early Childhood Education is delivered in India. You get to be a big fish in a small pond and hence closely participate in the growth of an Education Start-Up that has big plans to grow and influence the larger Education industry. You work closely with 2 incredibly bright and experienced Founders and learn from them. You get to deliver a progressive, Scandinavian style of education in a local environment. You spend your days playing with children – while challenging, this is also the most de-stressing job role there is!
At Papagoya, Educators take care of all aspects of a child’s care including mealtimes, sleep/rest and bathroom needs. We do diaper changes and bathroom runs - there are no support staff assigned to do this. We use gloves and take turns and have a protocol that makes this an efficient and effective process.

We see diaper changes and potty training as valuable personal time with a child, and so we consciously find ways to forge connections even through this activity. This time is when a child is most vulnerable, and hence is the best opportunity to build trust and a strong bond. The stories and songs we hear at diaper changes are often the highlight of our days. We also strongly believe in building a body positive image with the littlest children and not allowing for basic bathroom needs as being seen as a shameful activity.

This is core to Educator’s being aligned to our philosophy, and so if you aren’t comfortable with this, we are not the place for you.
Thats great! Please fill out the Application Form - take the time to answer the questions we have carefully crafted to understand how aligned you are with us. We will be in touch after reviewing your application. Thanks!

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