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Papagoya offers a play-based learning program for toddlers between the age of 1 year and 6 years old. Children become eligible to join us on celebrating their 1st Birthday.

We accept a limited number of admissions across both our centres - Frazer Town & Indiranagar, and enrol only a few children every year. Our intakes are in June & January of each year and will be staggered across 2 months so as to give each child undivided attention during their first weeks at Kindergarten.

  • We accept a limited number of admissions and enrol only a few children every year.
  • We do accept children through the year however it is dependent on the availability at that point.
  • Enrollment deadline for our June intake is March 31st and for January is October 31st. Admissions are dependent on availability and in line with our capacity and ratios.

If you are keen to enroll your child at Papagoya :
  • Schedule an appointment to visit us
  • Pick up the Admissions Kit and submit within a week
  • Pick a start date from our available dates
  • Complete registration formalities

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Admissions are based on current availability at Papagoya

Transition Week

Every child experiences a different start to Kindergarten. And so we typically only admit 1-2 children per week, so that we can all stay focussed on the comfort and care that the child needs in transitioning to Kindergarten.

We require that one parent be available during their child’s 1st week at Kindergarten.

We follow a gradual method of transition across 5 days starting with a few hours on Day 1 and slowly building to a full day at Papagoya for the child.


Papagoya Kindergarten is in two locations - Frazer Town and Indiranagar. We request that you choose the centre that is closest in proximity to where you live or where you work, while always considering minimal journey times for your child.

Our approach, curriculum, routine, meals, fees and every other operational aspect is the same across both centres. There will also be opportunities through the year for the parents, children and team between both centres to interact.
While we say ours in a full day program, our core hours are 10am to 4pm - this is essentially a 6 hour day. In this time, we eat, change diapers, take a nap, spend time running in the outdoors, playing and learning. Do take a look at our Daily Schedule to know more about how we encourage children to naturally learn through the course of a full day.

We don’t believe in force-fitting learning into a concentrated set of hours. We believe that toddlers learn essential skills through a routine that they then apply to everyday situations. Our full day program allows us to appreciate that every child has their own unique rhythm, expression, individual pace, interest and ability. Hence our full day program works for a 1yr old and a 6yr old in equal measure.

Alongwith the extended hours, we believe that our full day program also supports the working parent. At Papagoya, children are cared for, have fun, are a part of an enriching environment, and are surrounded by educators who nurture and engage them like you would at home.
We are a 5-day a week, Full Day Kindergarten - this is at the core of our philosophy, approach and curriculum. We do understand that the transition of sending a child to Kindergarten can sometimes be challenging for the parents, and even grandparents and are happy to spend the time sharing tools and helping you make this an easy transition for all. However it is essential that parents are aligned with the Full Day as seen in our Daily Schedule. We do not offer shorter programs or after-school or daycare programs. We accept applications as part of our Admissions Process, for only Full Day participation.
When a child turns 1 year, the world opens up to them and their needs change. They almost demand to be stimulated in different ways. And so building their days around a routine and equipping them with foundational life skills, helps them navigate their world better. While colds and coughs will always be a part of a toddlers’ growth, their immunity at 1 year is strong enough to sustain a Kindergarten environment.

And so, we believe that by engaging them in a stress-free outdoor environment, and in a manner that accounts for their natural body rhythm - toddlers (even 1 year olds) can develop holistically. For the last 30 years, children in Norway have enrolled to be at a Kindergarten at 1 year of age and the benefits of this early engagement are well-researched and documented. So no, 1 year isnt too young and if you would like to discuss this further, do get in touch with us.
At Papagoya, we will have 1 adult nurture 3 children under the age of 2 years and 1 adult care for 4 children between 2-3 years. As they grow to be more independent, we will have 1 adult engage 6 children over the age of 3 years, and 1 adult support 10 children over the age of 5 years.

While play is core to the child’s learning and development process at Papagoya, adult intervention through play allows us to find learning opportunities and challenges suited to the specific ability and interest of each child. A high adult to child ratio allows for all this to happen in an effective and meaningful way.
We value that children like to own and show what they have done and can do. So at Papagoya there are no report cards. Instead, we have a ‘Journal of Joy’ that we put together with each child that captures and celebrates their growth, milestones, a-ha moments and experiences through Kindergarten.

We have no homework and believe that all that a child needs to do, can be completed during the full day that they are with us. We strongly believe that toddlers are constantly learning and at their own pace and often following their own order of learning, so forcing them to conform to a set standard or complete worksheets, is counter-intuitive.
No. We allow you to decide when your child must be potty-trained, and support you in making it happen. At Papagoya, all of us Educators do diaper changes and bathroom runs - there are no Ayahs or Nannies assigned to do this. We see diaper changes and potty training as valuable personal time with a child, and so we consciously find ways to forge connections even through this activity.
No, we are not a Montessori. There are multiple methodologies and approaches to Early Childhood Care and Education. Some of them are Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and the Norwegian Barnehage (Norwegian Kindergarten). In India, there is further adaptation of these methodologies to meet the academic requirements from Primary Schools. Majority of the Kindergartens follow a hybrid approach that often includes classroom education.

We follow the Norwegian Barnehage Model which is a play-based learning programme. We do this through our partnerships with Norwegian Educators and Advisors. Scandinavian education is designed to be adaptive and relevant.
Papagoya is a full day Kindergarten. We safeguard the child’s need for care and play while creating a learning environment that nurtures a child’s curiosity, creativity and desire to learn. We are different from a Day Care because:

  • Adult to Child Ratio : At 1:3, this is higher that what is seen in Day Cares and Kindergartens in India. Our Adults are experienced educators and we do not employ any nannies or ayahs.
  • Curriculum : We follow a curriculum that covers 7 Learning Areas and is in line with the Norwegian Kindergarten Framework. We do not just “mind your child” but ensure that each child has a holistic play, learning and development experience
  • Extended Hours : We have a flexible drop-off and pick-up, but are open only for 8 hours between 8:30am and 5pm. Children at Papagoya expend much energy during outdoor play, learning activities and in applying social and life skills. By 5pm, children are tired and need the comfort of home to wind down for the evening.
  • Meaningful Play : To a child, they are just playing. However, we put in a lot of thought and planning into creating meaningful play experiences allowing them to thrive and develop at their own pace.
We provide every child with carefully curated healthy, nutritious and tasty meals and snacks. Children have a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. Should a child arrive before 9am, breakfast can also be made available for them. You can find a sample meal plan on the Curriculum Page.

Yes, all the children eat, and over time learn to do so on their own. We all sit together for all meals, talk about what we are eating, explore textures and learn about the importance of food. Since we have 2 snacks, lunch and unlimited fruit available to the children all day, needless to say, no child is ever hungry.
We have put a lot of thought into the little details that makes Papagoya what it is, and so we believe that through our fee structure we are truly able to provide value for money. Our fees include:

  • A full day Learning Program consisting of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • An 12-month year with holidays designed to suit the working parent
  • A high Adult to Child ratio ranging from 1:3 ratio of qualified educators who take care of every need and challenge your child through the day. We do not employ any support staff for childcare purposes.
  • Nutritious, organic, vegetarian meals (refer sample meal plan) including breakfast - if requested, and a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack
  • A predetermined maximum number of children in our space. We follow the square footage per child requirement as prescribed by the Norwegian Kindergarten Act, and this will always ensure ample space for children to run around and explore
  • Costs incurred on all our excursions, field trips and guest activities

Our fees are payable over 3 installments through the year. We do offer a reduced fee for siblings and twins/triplets. Please schedule an appointment and we can talk you through more on this, when you visit.
That’s great! Please schedule a visit to come visit us with your child, and spouse and/or even parents.