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The Barnehage System Pedagogy

A Barnehage is a Norwegian Kindergarden that offers a full-day program for toddlers from the age of 1yr to 6 yrs. Barnehages are designed to support working parents and hence is built to be an extension of the children’s homes, safeguarding the child’s need for care and play. The pedagogy is rooted in learning through the joy of play and children are encouraged to develop a creative zest, sense of wonder & need to investigate - with a big focus on their interactions with the outdoors.

The Papagoya Barnehage, located in Bangalore, India will offer an 8-hour-day program to toddlers from age 1yr, mirroring the working hours of the Indian parent, thereby allowing them - particularly women, to stay contributors to the workforce. The delivery of the pedagogy will be true to the Norwegian way and implemented locally by a team of experienced teachers. At the Barnehage, children starting from 1yr will learn to take care of themselves, each other & nature while gaining fundamental knowledge through social interaction, play and structured activities.

The Name

The name Papagoya is inspired by papegøye, the Norwegian word for Parrot. A parrots character traits are amazingly similar to those of a toddler - they come in all shapes and sizes, love to imitate, are musical and colourful, need environmental enrichment where play forms a large part of their learning, and they even walk with a rolling gait. Toddlers much like parrots need the right environment to be able to reach their full potential. We also loved the story of The Brave Parrot and the fact that it was found in folktales across the world, teaching children important lessons of friendship, bravery and commitment. Our Papagoya mascot eagerly awaits your toddlers company.

The Papagoya Story

The Papagoya story started 25 years ago when three boys, toddlers at the time forged a friendship that would last a lifetime and bring Sheetal, Helen and Darshana together in a way they would never have otherwise met.

Friends for over a decade, Papagoya is the coming together of three independent career driven women who bonded over their love for children, their long term dream to work in early childhood and a larger goal to build a space that supports gender equality, alternative education/parenting practices and create a place for a dialogue.

In their corporate careers they experienced first hand the challenges women in the workforce constantly faced when it came to family, having children and career sacrifices they had to make to be able to ‘have it all’. Through their various experience in Scandinavia they saw a society that supported the working parent especially the mother by creating a childcare system that not only helped her go back to work but ensuring a safe space that was an extension of the home and the best learning environment for a child to learn life lessons.

The Founders




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