India's first Scandinavian Kindergarten

Scandinavian Kindergarten in Bangalore

The Papagoya Kindergarten follows the Norwegian Curriculum, and offers a play-based learning program for children from ages 1 year to 6 years. We are a 6-hour Kindergarten that believes in a holistic learning experience for children, while also enabling working parents to pursue their ambitions and passions.

Play-based Learning

Play allows children to practice concentration, be creative, experience friendship, take responsibility & initiative, experience adversity & small losses, and be communicative. At Papagoya, we approach Early Childhood Education through Play-based Learning and create meaningful play experiences through the day for children.

Focus on Core Learning Areas

Using play as our medium, we are guided by 7 core learning areas that ensure that children are exposed to a holistic set of experiences and opportunities, that also confirms their academic readiness.
  • Communication, Language and text
  • Body, Movement, Food and Health
  • Art, Culture and Creativity
  • Nature, Environment and Technology
  • Quantities, Spaces and Shapes
  • Ethics, Religion and Philosophy
  • Local Community and Society

Adult to Child Ratio

Our Adult to Child Ratio ranges from 1:3 for ages 1-2 years old to 1:10 for ages 5-6 years old where the adults working with the children are trained Educators (not support staff) who ensure that every child is met with the recognition and respect for who they are. We are able to engage every child in a way that matches their natural ability, interest and pace, and encouraging them to keep their individuality. This ratio also allows us to pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues and provide every child with the care, comfort, cuddles, meaningful play experiences and learning opportunities as they need.
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Don't take our word for it...

"It took a leap of faith and a lot of convincing of our families to decide to get back to work and put our girls in Papagoya for the full day program. It has been a great experience so far. Knowing that while we are at work, at Papagoya our girls are learning, having fun and growing up into wonderful individuals with their own friends. And happy parents make for happier children - we are now sure of that! With Papagoya we've realised that we are coming back from work to bright-eyed children full of stories - and that just makes our day. Everyday! We are convinced putting them into Papagoya has been the right decision for us."

Radhika & Avinash

"We love that at Papagoya, our 2-year old daughter is growing confident everyday - she eats on her own, is able to climb tyre swings by herself and no challenge seems too tough for her. We are both in rather demanding professions and so knowing that our child is taken care of, and is being challenged and engaged by educators who are like us - allows us to stay focussed at work, and revel in the little things she has learnt through the day."

Lakshmi & Mridul

Papagoya Events

Papagoya Workshops
Activities for children of all ages, including dads.

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Under The Mango Tree
An Evening of Inspiration for Mothers

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Papagoya Summers
Our Summer Program for children of varied ages

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Papagoya Toddlers
Our Toddler Program for ages 10 months to 2 years

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