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India's first Scandinavian Kindergarten

Full-day Kindergarten in Bangalore

The Papagoya Kindergarten follows the Norwegian Curriculum, and offers a play-based learning program for children from ages 1 year to 6 years. We are a full-day Kindergarten that believes in a holistic learning experience for children, while also enabling working parents to pursue their ambitions and passions.

Play-based Learning

Play allows children to practice concentration, be creative, experience friendship, take responsibility & initiative, experience adversity & small losses, and be communicative. At Papagoya, we approach Early Childhood Education through Play-based Learning and create meaningful play experiences through the day for children.

Focus on Core Learning Areas

Using play as our medium, we are guided by 7 core learning areas that ensure that children are exposed to a holistic set of experiences and opportunities, that also confirms their academic readiness.
  • Communication and Language
  • Body, Movement and Health
  • Art, Culture and Creativity
  • Nature, Environment and Technology
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • Local Community and Society
  • Numbers, Spaces and Shapes

1:3 Adult to Child Ratio

Through a 1:3 Adult to Child Ratio, we ensure that every child is met with the recognition and respect for who they are. We are able to engage every child in a way that matches their natural ability, interest and pace, and encouraging them to keep their individuality. This ratio also allows us to pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues and provide every child with the care, comfort, cuddles, meaningful play experiences and learning opportunities as they need.
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Next batch limited to 10 children only

Papagoya Events

Papagoya Workshops
Activities for children of all ages, including dads.

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Under The Mango Tree
An Evening of Inspiration for Mothers

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Papagoya Summers
Our Summer Program for children of varied ages

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Papagoya Toddlers
Our Toddler Program for ages 10 months to 2 years

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