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Scandinavian education in India

The Norwegian Kindergarten

The Papagoya Kindergarten follows the Norwegian Curriculum, and offers a play-based learning program for children from ages 1 year to 6 years. We are a full-day Kindergarten that believes in a holistic learning experience for children, that we deliver through our 7 Core Learning Areas.

At Papagoya, we focus on building foundational life skills that cannot be taught, but are developed by children naturally through active play. We create meaningful play experiences where children develop life, social and cognitive skills that then form the foundation for their lives ahead.

Through a 1:3 Adult to Child Ratio, we ensure that every child is met with the recognition and respect for who they are. We truly believe in the intrinsic value of childhood. We want to put the fun back in learning, and more importantly we want children to just enjoying being children.

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Play-based Learning

At Papagoya, we approach Early Childhood Education through play-based learning and create meaningful play experiences through the day for children. We believe that they learn about the world around them best, through the medium of play. We see children as born learners who crave new experiences, challenges and environments.

Active outdoor play is vital to a child and core to our philosophy. We believe that nature is a child’s best teacher and the outdoors provide children a stress-free environment, and also allows them to use their whole bodies to grow confident, and learn.

Play also allows children to practice concentration, be creative, experience friendship, take responsibility & initiative, experience adversity & small losses, and be communicative. Using play as our medium, we are guided by 7 core learning areas that ensure that children are exposed to a holistic set of experiences and opportunities.

  • Communication and Language
  • Body, Movement and Health
  • Art, Culture and Creativity
  • Nature, Environment and Technology
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • Local Community and Society
  • Numbers, Spaces and Shapes

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Papagoya Events

Papagoya Workshops
Activities for children of all ages, including dads.

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Under The Mango Tree
An Evening of Inspiration for Mothers

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Papagoya Summers
Our Summer Program for children of varied ages

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Papagoya Toddlers
Our Toddler Program for ages 6 months to 2 years

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