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Bringing Scandinavian education to India

The Norwegian Kindergarten

The Papagoya Kindergarten offers an 8-hour-day program to toddlers from age 1yr, mirroring the working hours of the Indian parent, thereby allowing them - particularly women, to stay contributors to the workforce. The delivery of the pedagogy will be true to the Norwegian way and implemented locally by a team of experienced teachers. At the Kindergarten, children are met with trust and respect, with every child’s well-being, and the joy in play and learning being the driving force for all activities and decisions.

The Papagoya Kindergarten is housed in an old Bangalore bungalow with a large outdoor area where we see children exploring and experiencing nature and the greenery. With the help of a treehouse, sandpit, jumping platforms, tree swings, wheelbarrows, climbing walls and other truly fun outdoor features - we have created an environment that provides children with the opportunity to investigate, create and explore, using their whole body to learn and play.

The Barnehage Pedagogy

The Norwegian Kindergarten (also called a Barnehage) offers a full-day program for toddlers from the age of 1yr to 6yrs. Like most Scandinavian Kindergartens, Barnehages were originally built as an extension of the children’s’ homes where the child’s need for care is safeguarded and held in the highest regard. The pedagogy is rooted in learning through the joy of play and children are encouraged to develop a creative zest, sense of wonder & need to investigate - with a big focus on their interactions with the outdoors.

The Papagoya Story

The Papagoya story was born out of the exposure, experiences and passion of independent career-driven Indian women. Having seen first-hand how Scandinavian societies supported working parents – particularly mothers, by providing a safe, fun nurturing environment for their children – the drive to bring this to our Indian colleagues, friends and family was strong. The pedagogy of play-based learning in the most natural environment is another area that resonated with us as we truly believe in the intrinsic value of childhood. And so we bonded over our love for children, our long term dream to influence early childhood practices and a larger goal to build a space that supports gender equality and promotes alternate parenting.

The Name

The name Papagoya is inspired by papegøye, the Norwegian word for Parrot. A parrot's character traits are amazingly similar to those of a toddler - they come in all shapes and sizes, love to imitate, are musical and colourful, need environmental enrichment where play forms a large part of their learning, and they even walk with a rolling gait! Toddlers, much like parrots need the right environment to be able to freely express themselves. Our Papagoya mascot eagerly awaits your toddler's company.

Meet the Founders

Helen Issar Profile Pic

Helen Issar

Helen has 11 years of experience in marketing and social media. Having worked and lived in Norway & Denmark she witnessed how the Norwegian Barnehage program allowed women to get back to work and ensure a complete development for their children, a concept she knew India could greatly benefit from. Helen has channeled her love of working with children through kids theatre workshops, travel clubs and nature camps. Founder of PennyLaneSocial she juggles the roles of entrepreneur and mother to an animal loving, energetic toddler. Papagoya is the marrying of her long term passion to work with children and her understanding of the support a woman needs to be able to don the hats of career woman, mother and wife.
Darshana Rajaram Profile Pic

Darshana Rajaram

Darshana spent 15 years in the complex world of Oil & Gas, Shipping and Defense Logistics while living across Canada, Belgium & Singapore and yet her most memorable and fulfilling job has been teaching children to swim. She’s always dreamt of creating a space that allows a child to be encouraged, creative and curious. Inspired by all things Scandinavian, armed with an MBA from the BI Norwegian Business School, Darshana or Dash-O as she is lovingly referred to by her little fan following from across the globe, also holds the revered status of Super-Aunt. Papagoya is her quest at creating a meaningful world for toddlers and adults alike.

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